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Let's be safe

Hi, my name is Misha Parfenoff (or Michael if you are a legal entity), I'm the director of DAVE Productions.

Film, an inherently collaborative medium, is one of the most susceptible industries to infectious disease. Film sets are anywhere from ten to one hundred people in an enclosed space sharing food, make up, and air.

As we begin to see production reopen, it is the responsibility of everyone in the film industry to practice safe distancing and use of protective gear in order to limit the spread of the disease that has been our new reality for the past few months. 

At DAVE we are following government guidelines in regards to the timeline in which we will begin productions again, as of now that is yet to be determined. 


The team, including myself, has been trained in safe practices on set as determined by Safe Sets International, a group committed to reducing the spread of disease in production.

We have been certified by their training program and support their mission to spread awareness of safe practices. 

Consequently, we have implemented on set policies such as:

  • Requiring masks to be worn by clients and crew on set

  • Reaching out to cast and crew prior to shoots to discuss whether they've displayed symptoms or come into contact with someone who has

  • Keeping record of everyone on set each day in case someone begins to display symptoms

  • Bringing individually boxed lunches and doing away with communal food

  • Marking standing areas that are six feet apart on set

The health of our community is our priority. 

I hope to work with you soon. 


Misha Parfenoff, Director

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